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31 July 2005:Panel & Stick

LongEZ EFIS Instrument Panel     LongEZ Landing Gear Indicator Light

1) As you can see, electrical things are now working again. Both Comms are OK, Intercom OK, The Dynon EFIS powers up and works OK. I used it testing my EFIS Recorder software. The Dynon EMS powered up and is transmitting serial data. I'll start hooking up some of the sensors this week.The hole in the panel is for the NavAids Autopilot. The power runs to it and it checked OK. I could run the servo with the GPS coupler. I still need to label most of the circuits, but so far everything is running OK.

The Infinity Aerospace Stick Grip is wired up and checks out OK. The Roll trim servo moves OK, The Strong Pitch Trim trim servo isn't installed, but the control relays energized OK. Same for Ken Millers Speed brake. Radio Key works OK, and is selectable with the panel switch (COM! and COM2)

2) This is the Landing gear indicator module I built. This will also be installed this week. It goes in the center of the instrument panel about the same location as the manual nose gear crank used to be.


The latest version of the Flight Recorder (2.1.1) also allows the recording of the Dynon EMS data.

I added a separate page for the Flight recorder. Look to the left under DOWNLOADS. Come back here on a regular basis to see what the latest version is. If you have any ideas, recommendations, bugs, etc, send then to me and I'll see if I can incorporate them. Thanks

Contact me at:

25 July 2005: EFIS / GPS Flight Data Recorder.

To see what the latest version is, click on the screen shot icon and look at the version number. The screen shot will always be the latest screen shot from the latest version.

Here's what I've been doing when its to hot to work in the shop.

This is a neat little program for displaying and recording GPS and/or EFIS data. The Recording time can be as fast as 63 times per second (if Dynon EFIS 10 or 10A is installed), or you can slow it down to one entry every 30 seconds.

The Data file is stored as a Tab delimited Text file, that can easily be loaded into any spreadsheet program.


23 July 2005: Infinity Aerospace Stick Grip.

One of the problems associated with aircraft systems, where/how do you provide the Pilot with a safe and reliable way of controlling the various systems (operator interface) If your systems are controlled by electricity, as mine are, then JD from Infinity Aerospace has a realistic solution to the interface problem. The Infinity I Military Style Stick Grip.

Rather than mount toggle switches on the instrument panel or on the armrest, the Infinity Aerospace I Military Style Stick Grip places controls right at the pilots fingertips.

Each stick is custom configured as to what each switch does, and how it behaves. i.e. is the switch normally open, or normally closed, also, is it a momentary contact or a push on / push off style.

Infinity Aerospace HOT stick installation     Infinity Aerospace HOT stick installation

1) I had to disassemble the grip in order to mount in on my stick. I was very impressed to find good quality switches being used throughout. I also like the thickness of the molded parts and the way things are held together, This isn't some piece of cheep junk, but very good quality design and workmanship.

2) The stick comes with a prewired pigtail of any length you specify. If you don't specify, you get a 3 ft piece. I SCREWED UP, I should have ordered the Grip with an 8 foot pigtail, then I wouldn't be splicing wires (URGH).

To make my life easier, I opened the wire bundle and separated the wires for each switch into their appropriate groups, then put a piece of shrink tubing on the group. This is important to make sure I get the correct wires for each switch, i.e. there are several black wires in the bundle, but they each connect to their own switch, same for a couple red wires. Use an ohm meter to make sure you have the right wires for the corresponding switch. I also went as far as to make an assignment sheet for the stick. This sheet is part of my wire diagram bundle. WIRING DIAGRAMS

Infinity Aerospace HOT stick installation     Infinity Aerospace HOT stick installation     Infinity Aerospace HOT stick installation

3) One of the recommendation that JD makes for us LongEZ types, is to replace the original stick with a one inch diameter stick. The 1 inch is on the left, and the original is on the right. The blue tape on the original marks where the original grip bottom is positioned. The Infinity Aerospace grip will be in exactly the same position.

I wasn't going to do this originally, and had even ordered an adapter from JD. HOWEVER, When I started looking on how I was going to feed the wire bungle around the adapters, I just didn't like it. SO, A scrounge through the scrap pile to find a one inch tube.

4) The way the tube is mounted, it won't effect the controls or clearances. It effectively moves the grip inboard approximately 1/4 inch, thus provide an additional 1/4 inch of clearance between the grip, and the stick/hand indentation that is built into the right fuselage.

5) Not a pretty site (yet) but this gives an idea how the wire bundle is now routed through the stick and out the aft side of the stick.

17 July 2005: Electrical, Throttle Switches.

LongEZ ACS Throttle Assembly     LongEZ ACS Throttle Assembly

1) This is a standard Aircraft Spruce throttle assembly, with a few modifications. I cut the left outside control arm and re-bent it so it is a mirror of the right outside control arm, as far a height shape, etc. The left arm is Carb Heat, The middle is Throttle, and the right is mixture.

I also added two micro switches, one for full throttle, and one for idle throttle.

I also replaced the nut on the pivot bolt with a nut plate. This will allow me to adjust the throttle friction to suit my needs, without having to get a wrench on the pivot nut.

2) The mounting plates for the throttle (and many other items) is made out of 1/4 aviation plywood. I then riveted a nut plate to the back of the plywood. Mount the plywood to the airframe with flox, then put one layer of BID all the way around.

NOTE: the switch to the left is my AUX GEAR / STRUT bypass. This will allow me to lower the gear and / or extend the strut in the event of a computer failure. (Another backup to the backup)

10 July 2005: Electrical, Continued.

Almost all of the cockpit area is now complete. Radios, autopilot, Landing Gear relays, aux landing gear control, etc.

LongEZ Electrical Wiring     LongEZ Electrical Wiring     LongEZ Electrical Wiring

LongEZ Electrical Wiring     LongEZ Electrical Wiring     LongEZ Electrical Wiring

1) Serial connectors for the Garmin 250XL and the Dynon EFIS.

This is GPS NEMA 0183 data. The Navaids autopilot doesn't use this, it uses the Garmin AP+ and AP- voltage.

The Dynon EFIS outputs a serial stream containing airspeed, altitude, and three dimensional accelerometer data. The data is coming out fast (115,000 bps) and updates 20 times a second. This will overwhelm almost any terminal program.When I get caught up with other tasks, I'll write a program that will allow me to parse the data and record it to the hard drive every second or so.

2) Wires strung, Having the label machine makes life EZ. Each wire has its own label, and its imprinted about every 18 inches, so finding wires is real EZ.

3) This is the AUX Gear control switch This is a momentary contact with the center OFF. This switch ties directly to the main and nose gear, and the main STRUT extension solenoid. When moved to the right, the MAIN and NOSE gear solenoids are energized, and these gear will lower. When moved to the left, this energizes the STRUT solenoid and extends the main struts. NOTE - The AUX POWER switch (covered on the main panel) must be ON, and the main gear switch must be in the DOWN position for the AUX switch to work.

The Micro switches for the Throttle FULL and CLOSED need to be wired yet.

4) The MAIN GEAR switch, This is a pull to unlock switch, with the center being OFF.

5) View of the relays and solenoids for control.

6) view of the ammeter shunt and the connections for the Hydraulic pump.

8 July 2005: Electrical, Continued.

Spent most of the week installing and testing the electrical system. These include the relays (14 in all) used throughout the plane.

LongEZ Garmin GPS Antenna     LongEZ Garmin GPS Antenna     LongEZ Garmin GPS Antenna     LongEZ Garmin GPS Antenna

1) Primary DC distribution is complete and tested. Relay s are wired with the exception of the control circuit.

2, 3, 4) Where to hide the GPS antenna. Make a small aluminum bracket and mount it behind F28.

6 July 2005: Intercom.

Someone expressed an interest in how I wired my radios and intercom into my LongEZ. Basically, I purchased the least expensive intercom I could find. This happened to be a ATC-2 Intercom battery powered, 2 place, Portable Intercom. These intercoms are nice in that they have VOX capability, and automatically route the MIC and KEY lines to the radio that's connected. I I have TWO Comm Radios, so I run the radio MIC and KEY lines through a DPDT switch. There is a simple drawing of the select switch and my intercom connections under the UPGRADES - ELECTRICAL, Look at Page 18.

LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation

1 & 2) I took the ATC-2 Intercom apart, being very careful to document where all the wires attached, so I could re-wire it the same way. I mounted the circuit card to a panel, and ran all the local wires directly to the components, The "local" wires were for, Volume control, Squelch Control, Pilot Mic and Headset connectors, and the AUX AUDIO In and OUT jacks. I was able to reuse the Mic and Headset audio connectors, and the original Volume and Squelch pots. I added 1/4 inch connectors for the AUX AUDIO connectors.

The terminal strip at the top of Photo 2 is used to connect the rear seat Mic, Key, and Headset audio. The terminal strip also connects the Mic, Key, and headset audio from the intercom to the radios.

NOTE: I installed a "kill" switch for the rear seat Mic and Key lines on my main instrument panel. This allows me to override these two signals in case I have an overly talkative passenger.

3) The Mic, Headset Audio, and the Aux Audio In and Out connectors can be seen on the right. In the center, are two flow meters for my Built in Oxygen system (Note the BNC connector at the bottom, is a hollowed out, This is how I connect my mask to the O2 system, with the hollowed out BNC connector (Hey, Its a LOT less expensive then the "official" O2 connectors.

4) You can see the original ATC-2 Intercom Volume and Squelch controls are mounted on the lower left of the panel. Power for the Intercom is applied through a 1 amp circuit breaker.

4 July 2005: Electrical Installation, Pump Relays.

Most of the LongEZ main power distribution is now wired. I also updated the drawings to fix a couple errors and to implement the "As Builts"

LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation

1) Power distribution circuit breakers and switches on the left side and the top. An up to date line drawing shows the captions, CLICK HERE to view the drawing.

2) getting between the radios and the fuselage is tight fit.

3) The two new Hydraulic pump solenoids are mounted just above the nose gear. There are three more relays that get mounted in here.

<4) A view of the cube relay mount.

2 July 2005: Electrical Installation.

The weather has cooled down and most of the Honey Do's are complete. SO, Back to work on the EZ.

LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation     LongEZ Electrical Wiring Installation

1) This is the latest electrical drawing for main power distribution. This version incorporates a "DUAL" power source (battery) for use in the upcoming dual electronic ignition.

2) Our wire label machine imprints on a 20 gauge, and a couple 12 gauge wires. This makes for finding the right wires Vari EZ.

3) These are automotive relays mounted on a strip in the nose. These relays can handle up to 30 amps. I use a lot of these Pitch / roll trim, speed brake, nose gear, etc.

4) The relays and a pigtail (with suppression diode) are available from Jameco. The relays are $2.49 each (part# 148582CH) and the pigtail is $2.35 (Part# 170624CH)


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