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25 NOV 2007 Waiter's Flight Data recorder

I've added the ability to read raw data files, display the data, and convert it to a WDFR text file.

There are two types of data files that can be read:

1) If you capture the serial stream coming out of the Dynon EFIS or Dynon EMS. Save this as a "*.DAT" file.

2) The Dynon EMS (D10, D129, D180) has the capability to record EMS data internally. You need Dynons Interface software to download and save the EMS data. Dynons software saves this data as a "*.CSV" file.

Read, display, and convert the "*.CSV" data to a WDFR text file.

Goto the Waiters Flight Data Recorder and download your copy.


18 NOV 2007 Waiter's Flight Data recorder

Fixed a couple bugs that were brought to my attention.

On some Windows Vista systems, the text boxes were dark. This is now fixed.

On the Grand Rapids EFS6000, there was an error in how I parsed the data to the TXT file. Fixed.

Also on the EFS-6000, There is an error in how Grand Rapids reports the altitude. I think it needs to be multiplied by 10, I'll check with Grand Rapids later this week.


I've had several people ask about the ability to read in raw files, I've been working on this and should be done in a couple days.

If you use one of those serial recorders to just record the raw data from an Dynon EFIS or EMS, this feature will allow you to read the file, display the data, and save the data in a text format.

ALSO - I'll be adding the ability to read the Dynon EMS data file, display the data and convert it to a text file.

Stay tuned on these upgrades.

11 NOV 2007 Gear Reassembled

The gear is reassembled and working. There is a small binding on the left strut. I'll look at this a little later. I may need to take the left side off again and hone the inside of the strut little more.

I also noticed a peculiarity with the electrical system. I may be somehow back feeding from the trim circuits back into the landing gear control circuits. I noticed when I pulled the gear circuit breaker, it still had power. It went away when I pulled the trim breaker. More to look into.

I took the roll trim system apart to take photos of it. I installed the roll trim system when I originally built my plane, I've had several people express an interest in how I did it. so as soon as I get my drawings and text together, I'll post it up here.

1 NOV 2007 To Weld or Not to Weld?

The Infinity Aerospace gear has been welded, re-painted, and I'm now in the process of reinstalling.

Why did I do it? Would I do it again?

Review my writings and photos under these dates.

26 OCT 2007 Gear Welding Photos

21 JULY 2007 Gear Welding Photos

My concern about the adhesive bonding was that there is no track record as to its reliability, IN THIS PARTICULAR APPLICATION. There are a couple instances of the bond failing, but in these reported cases, the failure could easily be attributed to 1) Structural overloads during assembly, 2) structural overloads during an accident and subsequent recovery efforts.

As pointed out in my writings and the Infinity Aerospace installation instructions, do not place any stress on the gear, do not operate the gear, do not even place weight on the gear, unless it is completely installed and all attach hardware is tight.

I finally made the decision to weld when I developed a small leak at the bottom of the struts due to an o-ring that I should have replaced earlier. Replacing this o-ring would require the complete disassembly of the gear struts.

Getting it Done

Welding the pieces isn't just simply, Welding the parts, then put it back together. There are a couple obstacles that need to be considered and dealt with when the parts are welded.

LongEZ Landing Gear leg 1 1) The parts that are to be welded are currently "glued". During the welding process, this glue boils off and "pops". This presents a challenge to the welder. The weld is not going to be pretty.

2) When the Strut tube is welded, it will develop slight ridges on the inside of the strut tube. These ridges must be "honed" smooth so the Foot tube does not jam inside the strut tube. It took me about 2 hours to hone these down so the guide / foot tube assembly would slide without jamming.

LongEZ Landing Gear leg 2 3) After the Guide tube is welded, the weld must be machined to a flat ridge. This ridge serves as the stop for the Foot tube when it bottoms out or is retracted.

LongEZ Landing Gear leg 3 4) The top of the Foot tube must be cut off (machined off). The amount to cut off corrects for the welded ridge that was machined onto the Guide tube.

I supplied the welder and machine shop these drawings so they would know exactly what needed to be done.

LongEZ Landing Gear Welding 10     LongEZ Landing Gear Welding 11     LongEZ Landing Gear Welding 12    

NO, I would NOT do this again.

Although I can't quantify the risks associated with the operating without welding, I can (and did) minimize the risks by carefully following the installation instructions.

Until there are reported bonding failures that can be attributed to the glue, and not other factors, I'm of the opinion that welding is not worth the additional effort or risk.

NOTE: - When my gear is retracted, the tire is not centered in the well, but does a slight rub on the edge that's close to the fuselage.

During the welding/machine procedure, I had the machine shop shorten the foot tube an additional 1/8 inch. This moves the tire more toward the center of the well (by 1/8 inch) and provides additional clearance for the tire inside the wheel well when the gear was retracted.


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