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May 2006 - Airplane Work, At Last

Most of Feb, March and April were spent working on a house. Stripped down to the studs, Installed all new electrical, plumbing, windows, insulation, sheet rock, etc. Thank God its almost done! This is the second Total House rehab I've done in four years. Lot of work.

Memorial Day - I want to pass on my deepest appreciation for all Veterans, past and present, for ensuring our freedom and democracy. This is the greatest nation in the world, and I'm proud to say that I'm an American. Thank You, Waiter

29 May 2006 - PAINT DAY - YES !!!!!!!!.

LongEZ Infinity Aerospace Landing Gear     LongEZ Infinity Aerospace Landing Gear     LongEZ Infinity Aerospace Landing Gear     LongEZ Infinity Aerospace Landing Gear Dupont paint on Long-EZ     Dupont paint on Long-EZ

1 and 2) Last minute minor fill-ins. One nice thing about hot weather (91 today), the West System filler is ready for sanding in about 30 minutes.

3 and 4) With everything sanded and masked off, I shoot a couple layers of filler primer on all surfaces. About 2 hours later, a quick sanding with 220 grit I filled in a couple minor flaws with stick paste and I was ready for the final coat.

5 and 6) Dark Gray, If you review my paint codes, you'll find that this is the "dark" gray that is used on F-16. I'll paint the entire bottom of the plane with this color (except the bottom of the canard, it will be White)

28 May 2006 - Gear Doors.

Post Cure LongEZ Gear Doors     Post Cure LongEZ Gear Doors

1) On the left door, I put the stiffener rib to far inside and it was interfering with the half fork when the strut retracted. SO, I cut the stiffener off and redid it. I also fixed the edge of the grasscutter door that got banged up . Photo 1 shops the door with the fixes post curing in my new enhanced "Post Cure" oven. (It got up to 91 today). Both doors are now complete including the grass cutter doors cut off and hinges installed.

Both doors are now complete and have been test fitted. As soon as I get the flight hardware, I'll remount the doors again and finish up the brake line routing.

2) Shows the main door with the grass cutter door removed.

27 May 2006 - Gear Doors.

DSCF0486.JPG (1673711 bytes)     Infinity Aerospace Landing Gear     Infinity Aerospace Landing Gear     Infinity Aerospace Landing Gear

I wasn't satisfied with the "stiffness" of the door, particularly in the area that covers the tire. I added two reinforcement ribs, one on each side of the half fork (photos 1 and 3).

I also need to rework the lower door attach bracket to make it shorter. The original bracket was interfering with the brake line. The new bracket provides about 1 1/2 inches between the door and the bracket. plenty of clearance for the brake line. Temporary bolts are holding the door to the bracket. The flight hardware is on order.

The Tabs on the upper part of the door (photos 2 and 4) make up rectangular box about 6 by 4 inches. Its in this "box" that the brake line coils up to allow for the up and down movement of the strut .

The "Grass-cutter" door has been cut out and hinges are installed on the grass-cutter and the main door.

Now I need t repeat this procedure for the other door.

25 May 2006 - New O rings for the master cylinders.

Long-EZ Matco brake Master Cylinders     Long-EZ Matco brake Master Cylinders

Cleaned up the original master cylinders and installed new O rings. These should work just fine with the new brakes.

20 May 2006 - Rework a couple screwups.

LongEZ Speed Brake Mounting     Long-EZ Center Spar end

1) Landing Brake actuator. When closed, there was about a 1/2 inch gap. Unfortunately, there is no adjustment in the actuator or its mounting. Rather than remake brackets, I decided to turn the actuator shaft 90 degrees and drill a new hole in the end of the actuator.  Works perfect, I now nave a nice tight fit when the landing brake is retracted.

2) When I was drilling the holes in the end of the Center Spar Box, my drill motor nicked one of the hydraulic lines: can you say "@$#%&&*$#^#$#&@()@". It didn't puncture a hole in the line, but I wasn't confident that it could hold the rated pressure. I carefully cut the line in half and inserted a Swage lock Compression fitting. Good as new.

21 May 2006 - Gear Door reinforcements and brake line routing.

LongEZ Gear Door Reinforcements

I installed two ribs on the inside of the gear door (top of photo where door covers tire) This is a week area where the door flares out to cover the wheel. The two ribs are made two layers of carbon BID that was cut to 1/2 inch strips, then super glued into position.  The ribs were then covered with three layers of BID on each side, curving onto the door (8 layers total)

Near the bottom of the door it looks like a square box was installed. This "box" was made the same way as the ribs, but only two layers of BID on each side. (6 total).  The purpose of the "box" is to serve as a containment area for the brake line.  When finished, the brake line will come straight up from the strut, and do a 360 loop inside this box before it connects to a bulkhead fitting. This brakeline "loop" allows the strut to move up and down. When the strut is compressed, either from landing or during gear retraction, the brake line loop is a large diameter and touches the sides of the "box".  When the strut is extended, it pulls the brake line down and the loop becomes smaller inside the "box".


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